Our worship

Worship at Shalom is slightly unconventional. On the first and third Sundays of the month, we worship in a more traditional mode: We sing songs, read Scripture, and listen to a sermon. 

On the remaining Sundays of the month, we add a few different elements. We take more time to pray together for our community, as well as people around the world. We also discuss Scripture as a group, in place of listening to a sermon. We find that this time of prayerful discussion and discernment allows us to hear God speaking through each other.

our Children

Children of all ages are welcome during worship time at Shalom. They can even be loud!

our education

On many Sundays after worship, we meet in groups to discuss different aspects of life as followers of Jesus.  Current books of interest are commonly read and reviewed.

Shalom Mennonite Church

Worship Time:  Sundays at 10 AM



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